Individual IT Security Check along your business processes.

freudiger IT services examines your company for IT security risks and vulnerabilities

In order to identify digital risks in your company, freudiger IT services takes a close look at all IT vulnerabilities that are potentially relevant to your security.
As part of our IT Security Check, we analyze your company on your behalf from the perspective of an imaginary cybercriminal.
In this way, you can protect yourself from considerable financial damage and business-damaging image loss.

Our approach based on an example

A transport company located in one of the largest ports in Europe underwent such an IT Security Check by freudiger IT services.
As part of a complex global production and supply network, the company has numerous interfaces with partners and therefore
attaches great importance to the highest level of care and responsibility when it comes to IT security.
All IT systems used, for example, in the unloading, storage and onward transport of goods, therefore had to be subjected to a security check.

To this end, the entire company was examined: the office and server infrastructure, all outward-facing IT systems, and other networked systems, such as the camera surveilance systems. The check also included consultation of open sources (Open Source Intelligence, OSINT), such as databases with user names and passwords from data leaks, as well as a search for conspicuous references of the company on the Darknet.

Together with the company’s internal managers, freudiger IT services identified the relevant and acute digital threats for a customized security check. Financial managers, technology directors and human resources managers were involved as needed.

The result

After completion of the IT Security Check, freudiger IT services presented the technical findings and corresponding suggestions for improvement. The results were written in a language that is understandable to corporate decision makers, technical departments as well as IT specialists.

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